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Sport Electives@SSM

The SSM programme offers sport courses for students to take up as Unrestricted Electives. Unless otherwise stipulated, courses run at 3 hours per week for a period of 12 weeks for 1 course unit. Each course unit is worth 3 Academic Units (AUs).

All students who like to take up sport courses with the SSM must be physically active with no injuries or medical conditions which might affect his/her performance during lessosn.

Students will be prompted to make a medical declaration during course registration. In addition, ALL students must submit a hardcopy of the Sport Safety Waiver Form. We will also require students who are below the age of 21 years to submit the Parental Waiver section found on the same form with approval from their parent/guardian for allowing enrolment in the respective course. Safety is crucial in sports and it is every student's responsibility to declare their medical history (if any).

Please visit the Sports Safety page for more information.

Most of the sport courses listed below are offered every semester :

SS9001 Conditioning for Physical Fitness
SS9002 Principles of Strength Training
SS9003 Introduction to Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga
SS9101 Badminton
SS9102 Tennis
SS9103 Squash
SS9104 Basketball
SS9105 Volleyball
SS9106 Netball
SS9107 Table Tennis
SS9202 Soccer
SS9203 Hockey
SS9204 Floorball
SS9205 Rugby
SS9206 Tchoukball
SS9302 DanceSport
SS9303 Introduction to Hip-Hop and its Dances
SS9304 Introduction to Modern Jazz Dance

An overview of the course contents can be found here.


We are honoured to have talented, passionate and dedicated instructors who take pride in imparting their expertise.

  "I have gone through many interesting experiences and hope to share them with others. I love to travel, golf, go to the theatre, and is always eager to try new things but my passion will always lie with sports and teaching. "


Ms. Mah Lilian
Former National Squash Player and one of the instructors for Squash elective


Mr. Natahar Bav   "Teaching the young adults here at NIE/NTU has been a great   journey of nurturing, loving, caring, and infusing a passion of learning. These young people are hungry for knowledge, engaging in their approach, and a go-for-it attitutde in their quest to acquire and master physical skills, knowledge and "know-how's" of the thinking sport of Rugby.  

As a double international in Track and Rugby, my responsibilities are to impart and impact upon them the rudimentary of the sport, but importantly, I teach them the unwritten elements of the curriculum- the values of respect (of the game, the players, the equipment, and the environment), hard work, and fortitude. We learn by examples  and the way I model in my instructional and practical classes will surely have a continuous  impact on their future roles as rugby teachers, rugby enthusiasts, and sports mentors. Significantly, I learn from them as well; I laugh, and we laughed together.  I evaluate their skill capabilities and work the students to their full potential. The students responded with "stretching" themselves with limits that they never knew existed in their young bodies. In short, I am honoured to be part of the whole in making a difference in their training and learning here at the NIE/NTU and to the students I teach- it is a wonderful enriching journey and thanks for having me to be part of your learning experience! Continue to go forward,explore,expand and excel. " 

Mr. Natahar Bava
Former National Rugby Player and Coach, and one of the instructors for Rugby elective


To view our full list of instructors, please click here.

Sport Facilities and Equipment

Most of the sport courses are conducted at NIE Physical Education Block 5 and the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre. Students must be in full sports attire during lesson. Sports equipment may be drawn-out for lesson from the Sports Facilities Office located at NIE Block 5, #B1-01. Students must produce matric card and equipment must be return at the end of lesson. There is no overnight loan of sport equipment.