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Programme Structure

The general structure of the degree is in accordance to sport science based or sport management based degrees – core components, general education components, a final year project and an internship component. Students must complete a minimum of 133 Academic Units (AU) and fulfill all programme requirements for the award of the degree.  

The SSM degree is offered only on a full-time basis. 

The normal candidature for the SSM degree is 4 years and the maximum candidature is 6 years.

SSM Core Courses

The first and second year of the degree is common in that all students enroll for the same academic courses. Students will learn the fundamentals of the science and management of sport which includes :  

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Introduction to Sport Management
  3. Introduction to Growth and Motor Development
  4. Introduction to Health and Wellness
  5. Foundations of Exercise Physiology
  6. Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Exercise
  7. Foundations of Motor Behaviour
  8. Introduction to Sport Biomechanics
  9. Sport Coaching: Foundations of Coaching
  10. Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
  11. Seminars in Current Issues of Sport
  12. Physical Activity and Leisure for Special Populations
  13. Research Methods and Design in Physical Activity and Sport
  14. Fundamentals of Sport injuries
  15. Management of Sport Organisations
  16. Applied Statistics

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SSM Major Prescribed Electives

Sport courses:

Students are required to choose 3 sport practical courses to fulfill as Major Prescribed electives. These electives can be read in any semester throughout the student's period of candidature in the programme.

Examples of sport practical prescribed electives offered include:

  1. Principles of Strength Training
  2. Conditioning for Physical Fitness
  3. Tennis
  4. Soccer
  5. Floorball

Specialisation courses:

Specialisation begins in the third year and continues throughout the fourth year where students elect to undertake courses with a concentration or focus in sport science or sport management. Students choose 6 courses to fulfill a sport science or sport management specialisation requirement. 

Sport Science specialisation:

  1. Environmental Exercise Physiology
  2. Applied Sport injuries
  3. Experimental Biomechanics 
  4. Advanced Topics in Exercise and Sport Psychology
  5. Motor Control and Learning: Theory to Practice
  6. Adapted Physical Activity and Recreation
  7. Exercise Prescription
  8. Physical Activity and Health
  9. Sport Nutrition
  10. Analytical Biomechanics 
  11. Sport Psychology in Theory, Practice and Research 
  12. Sport Coaching: Theory to Practice
  13. Sport in Society
  14. Sport Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Sport Management specialisation:

  1. Event and Facilities Management
  2. Human Resource Management in Sport 
  3. Legal Aspects in Sport 
  4. Sport Media and Communication
  5. Finance and Business in Sport
  6. Leisure and Recreation Management
  7. Sport Retail Management
  8. Advanced Topics in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
  9. Sport in Society
  10. Sport Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


General Education Requirements (GER)

Students are also required to undertake General Education Requirement courses offered by the various schools in the university, which will nurture them to become well-rounded professionals with skills that can be deployed in a wide spectrum of careers.


Core general education courses will be assigned to students in the area of Career Skills, Communication Skills, Digital Literacy, Ethics, Environmental Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Singapore Studies. Courses include:  

  1. Kickstart your Career Success
  2. Digital Society
  3. Scientific Communication I
  4. Scientific Communication II
  5. Sport and Culture in Singapore: A Sociological Perspective 
  6. Ethics & Moral Reasoning
  7. Sustainability: Seeing Through the Haze
  8. Enterprise & Innovation

GER-Prescribed Electives:

5 more courses can be selected from 3 sub-areas of interest, with at least 1 course in each area - Science, Technology & Society (STS), Business and Management (BM) and Liberal Arts (LA). 

Examples of courses offered include:

  1. Natural Hazards and Society (STS)
  2. Accounting: A User's Perspective (BM)
  3. Working in the 21st Century (LA)

View the exhaustive list of General Education courses offered by the university.  
Unrestricted Electives

The Unrestricted Electives (UE) component allows students to select any subjects of their own interest from any school in the university, in addition to electives offered by the SSM. 

View the exhaustive list of Unrestricted Electives offered by the university.  

Students can also fulfil this component by taking up academic minors in other schools in the university like Business, Communication Studies, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chinese Herbal Medicine and etc.

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SSM Final Year Project

The completion of an academic project in the final year of the study aims to assist students in acquiring a sound grounding for possible research/practical work in the sport industry.  

SSM Internship

The SSM provides an opportunity to acquire valuable working experience through a 20-week internship programme during the course of study. Potential internship attachment partners include but are not limited to the Sport Singapore, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore Sports School, private sport/fitness organizations, various national sports association, and regional sport organizations.

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