Prospective Students


Inbound Exchange Students

The SSM programme in NTU is the first and only autonomous university in Singapore to offer sport science and sport management related courses. We welcome students visiting from other institutions having interest in disciplines like sport physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, psychology, sport management and coaching to join us on one of our courses for an academically and culturally enriching exchange experience.  

General Information

GEM Trailblazer is the inbound exchange student's one-stop information centre application procedures, financial options and essentials on living and studying in Singapore.

Information on SSM Courses

SSM core courses:
Inbound exchange students are free to request for enrollment into SSM first and second year core courses (subject to vacancies). Third and fourth year specialization courses will only be offered to students who have embarked on similar disciplines in their home university and are able to show evidence of meeting the pre-requisites of the SSM courses.

SSM sport electives:
Inbound exchange students are also free to register to take up sport electives (Conditioning for Physical Fitness, Court Games, Tennis and Soccer). However, these courses have very limited vacancies and tend to be oversubscribed by both SSM and NTU students. Exchange students are encouraged to monitor the vacancy system during the Add / Drop period to register a place in the course.

Students should consult NTU Office of Academic Services on issues pertaining to the registering of courses in NTU.