Prospective Students


Athlete Support Framework

In adopting the following guiding principles of the Athlete Friendly Education Scheme set out by the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), the SSM endeavors to provide student-athletes an environment to balance both their academic and sporting pursuits.

Discretionary admission by virtue of sports achievements:

    1. In addition to academic performance, national athletes may wish to apply for admission into the programme through the University's Discretionary Admissions (DA) scheme.

    Flexible study options:

    1. Student-athletes may choose to extend their candidature in the programme up to 6 years (instead of 4 years).

    2. A customised academic load per semester could be negotiated with the school coordinator based on the student-athlete's training and competition schedule.

    3. Support for leave of absence during term time for training camps and competitions.

    4. Provision of alternative arrangements for final examinations within a week before the actual examination dates due to training camps and major competitions, with early notifications to the school. 

    5. Provision of alternative deadlines for assessments due to training camps and competitions.

    6. Provision of any other academic support (study materials, course consultation, etc) where necessary.