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Minor Programme

For Non Sport Science and Management Students

The minor in Sport Science is open to all students in NTU except students from the Sport Science & Management programme.

Singapore has played host to a number of major sporting events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in recent years.The prominence of these events along with the success of Singapore's athletes at the XIX Commonwealth games in Delhi and the XVI Asian Games in Guangzhou is a demonstration of the investment and commitment of the country to sport which will culminate with the opening of the new Singapore Sports Hub in 2014.

With these expanding interest in sport comes a need to provide sport science support services to athletes, teams, coaches and managers to improve success rates. Along with the investment in elite sport is the national need to maintain fitness of a conscript army, prevent obesity in our children and improve the health and activity of an aging population subject to chronic diseases associated with physical inactivity.

The minor in Sport Science will offer students an insight into the role sports science can play in achieving these aims.

Academic Structure

A total of 15 AUs (5 courses) will constitute a minor in Sport Science and can be read over the duration of the student's candidature in the university.

The student shall read the following courses as Unrestricted Electives, in which fulfilling 5 courses will make a minor in Sport Science.

SS1101 Human Anatomy and Physiology
SS1103 Introduction to Growth and Motor Development
SS1104 Introduction to Health and Wellness  
SS1105 Foundations of Exercise Physiology  
SS1106 Psychosocial  Aspects of Sport and Exercise  
SS2101 Foundations of Motor Behaviour
SS2102 Introduction to Sport Biomechanics
SS2103 Sport Coaching: Foundations of Coaching
SS2108 Fundamentals of Sport Injuries 

Vacancies in each course is limited. (Only 1 course is offered in its respective semester i.e once a year) Students are strongly encouraged to declare their intention to pursue this minor with OAS to increase their chances of being allocated a slot but does NOT imply that you are guaranteed a place.

For more information about declaring minors, please click here.

For Sport Science & Management Students

SSM students are free to pursue other minors of their interest with other schools in NTU to broaden their horizons.

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