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All SSM students should take responsibility to review the following academic instructions and policies relating to their study in NTU.

Academic Unit Progression                                                                
A guide on how you can plan your course sequence over your four years in SSM.                                     
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Minor Programme
A guide on undertaking a minor in Sport Science for NTU students.
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Final Year Project
Details and procedures on undertaking the SSM Final Year Project.
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Course Registration                                                                                                                             
Take charge of your university roadmap. Tailor your courses to feed your varied interests.
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Registration of Calculators
All calculators must be approved with the school's approved seal before exams.
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S/U Option
Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory option policy for up to 12 AUs for General Education courses.
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Apply for Leave
Leave of Absence policy during term time and submission of Medical Certificates (MC).
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Overseas Student Exchange
A guide on going overseas for an exchange stint for SSM students.
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Sports Safety
A guide on sports safety for all students undertaking sport electives with the SSM.
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