Current Students


Apply for Leave

Short Leave

Students must apply for short leave or medical leave through the SSM general office if they cannot attend classes on the following occasions:

  1. On days when there are laboratory sessions
  2. On days when quizzes or test are conducted during classes
  3. On any other occasions that tutor(s) or lecturer(s) deemed as compulory for students' attendance


Short Leave of Absence Applications for short leave must be submitted to the SSM office not later than 7 working days in advance of such leave. Students going on leave for competitions must submit an endorsed letter by their respective federations/ coaches/ high performance executives, together with the application form. Please note that this application for short leave does NOT apply for taking leave during the examination period. Taking leave during the examination period is strictly evaluated on a case-by-case basis and student must approach the SSM school coordinator for further advice by week 6 of the term.

Download the short leave application form.

Medical Leave 

Students who are granted medical leave on the various above-mentioned occasions must submit the medical certificate to the SSM general office. All medical certificates must be submitted not later than 3 working days after the medical leave.

Download the medical leave application form.

Semester Leave

Students who require leave for one semester or more must apply through the OAS as long leave.
Visit the OAS website for more information about applying for semester leave.